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Welcome To Kaliachak Bikram Kishore Adarsh Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya

अस्माकं महाविद्यालयः
पश्चिमवङ्गप्रदेशस्य एकस्मिन् प्रान्तभागे उत्कलप्रदेशस्य सीमान्तवर्त्तिक्षेत्रे ग्राम्यपरिवेशस्य प्राकृतिकशोभाविमण्डितप्रान्ते च विद्यमानः नवदेहलीस्थकेन्द्रीयसंस्कृतविश्वविद्यालयानुमोदितः कलियाचकविक्रमकिशोर-आदर्शसंस्कृतमहाविद्यालयः कृतविद्यान् विद्यार्थिनो निर्माय समग्रे प्रदेशे  ...  Read More

Mahavidyalaya History

The Mahavidyalaya began its journey as a Sanskrit Vidyalaya to render the teaching of Sanskrit along with modern subject in one of the remote parts in the state of West Bengal way back in 1986 in a very poor condition by a few enthusiastic Sanskrit lovers and patrons. Late Sri Jagadish Chandra Sahoo donated the land and buildiing for the Mahavidyalaya. He was supported by his brother late Sri Jyotirmoy Sahoo. The Mahavidyalaya is named after their late father Bikram Kishore Sahoo. In April 1998 the Mahavidyalaya was recognized as Adarsh Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya by Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan. This became fruitful mainly due to immense pursuance and support of Late Dr. Nitish Sengupta I.A.S. (Retd), Ex M.P. (L.S.) and Founder & Former Chairman of the Mahavidyalaya and Late Mrs. Sunanda Sengupta I.A.S. (Retd). This endeavor was well supported by the Education Secretary, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of india and also by the dignitaries in the higher ranks of the Sansthan. On the 17th of August 1998 the foundation stone of the Mahavidyalaya was laid. Since then overcoming hardships and with some short—comings on its part it has come a long way and at present is in a state where the Mahavidyalaya itseif has become an important centre of Sanskrit learning in the Purba Mednipur District of West Bengal which is near to 0disha, the neighboring state.  Read More

Principal Desk

Principal DeskKaliachak Bikram Kishore Adarsh Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya a premier centre of Sanskrit teaching and learning was recognised as Adarsh Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya by the Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, New Delhi from the 1st of April 1998. The Mahavidyalaya began its journey in a beautiful and ecologically friendly campus with qualified, dedicated, untiring and well competent faculty members and well supportive hardworking and dedicated. non teaching staff, cooperative and always concerned Management Committee. The Mahavidyalaya from its inception is committed to it ...  Read More

Message From The Chairperson

The Kaliachack Bikram Kishore Adarsha Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya is located in the sacred land of Lord Chaitanya and Ramakrishna in a remote area of West Bengal. With all such earthly and eternal advantages on its side, this Sanskrit Mahavidylaya, Kaliachak has been successfully implementing the objectives and goals of Government to protect, propagate, preserve and popularize traditional Sanskrit.
Aim of the Mahavidyalaya
1.To facilitate and promote traditional system of Sanskrit education and research in areas of traditional line of Sanskrit education.
2. Linkage of Sanskrit literature with other languages.
3.To implement various programs and policies for propagation & popularization and all round development of traditional Sanskrit .  Read More

Message From The Vice Chancellor

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